What PHP framework ColibriSM is built on?

ColibriSM does not use any types of frameworks, the script is full pure PHP code, with the exception of third-party libraries SDK and other

When is the next update coming up? what is the new features?

There is no specified date for every new update. Developers do this at their discretion, but ColibriSM is regularly updated and improved.

Which host provider do you recommend for ColibriSM?

We recommend you to use Godaddy, Hostwinds, Bluehost

Can I use this platform in more than one domain?

With one purchase code you can use it on one domain name. You need to get new license for each domain name, please check Envato Help Page for more information about licenses http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard

Why I get 500 internal service error?

This may cuase due folder permissions error, Web server issue, please contact your host provider and let them fix it for you.

Why do I get 404, when I open any page?

  1. Please make sure that the .htaccess file is uploaded to your server and updated to latest version.
  2. If the file is exists, but you still face this issue, please contact your host provide, and let them enable mod_rewrite.
  3. If you are using a VPS with Ubuntu Linux installed, please follow this guide.

Why am I getting an error while uploading a video or image

There may be several reasons for this

  • 1. The upload folder has no write rights
  • 2. The (core/libs/ffmpeg/ffmpeg) file has no rights for execution
  • 3. The function is disabled by your hosting provider
  • 4. PHP limited the limit of uploaded files and request size (Look php.ini file configurations)

How it works

What is ColibriSM script?

ColibriSM is a modern platform that allows you to share media content, share news and events, as well as follow the content you are interested in.

In simple terms, this is an analogue of such social networks as Twitter, Intagram, Reddit


Where can I access the admin panel?

Log in to the site using your credentials, that is, the email and password that you specified during installation, and then visit yoursite.com/cpanel

Where can I modify the HTML tamplates?

All that relates to the layout can be found in the folder ./themes/[theme_name]/apps/<app_name> respectively.

Where can I edit the CSS styles?

All that relates to the CSS can be found in the folder /themes/default/statics/scss/<app_name> respectively.

We strongly recommend that you write your cascading styles in the style.custom.scss file, otherwise you may lose your changes the next time you update. In order to avoid this, we introduced this method starting from version v1.0.5 so that changes in css are not lost with every update

Where can I write custom JS code?

So that you can add new JS scripts without losing them when updating, you need to put your code in the following file: themes/default/statics/js/custom.js

How can I change the logo and favicon?

Open the themes/[theme_name]/statics/img folder and replace these [logo.png, favicon.png] files with yours, respectively

How can I change the background images of the Welcome page?

In order to replace the background images of the welcome page, you need to place them in the folder: themes/default/statics/img/welcomewp/

Please note that the system by default expects 5 background images, which should look like this:

  • 1-1920x1080.jpeg
  • 2-1920x1080.jpeg
  • 3-1920x1080.jpeg
  • 4-1920x1080.jpeg
  • 5-1920x1080.jpeg

The image size must be 1920x1080 and the names and extensions must match exactly as shown in the list above. However, if you want a more flexible configuration of this slider and remove these restrictions, then you need to edit the following file: themes/default/apps/guest/content.phtml

How can I edit the built-in pages ?

To edit the (About us) page, open the following file: ./themes/[theme name]/apps/about_us/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (Terms of Use) page, open the following file: ./themes/[theme name]/apps/terms/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (Privacy policy) page, open the following file: ./themes/[theme name]/apps/privacy_policy/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (Cookies) page, open the following file: ./themes/[theme name]/apps/cookies_policy/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

To edit the (F.A.Qs) page, open the following file: ./themes/[theme name]/apps/faqs/src/source.phtml and paste the previously created HTML content of this page into it, and then save!

This editing method was chosen by the author, because HTML markup is sometimes unpredictably huge, depending on the specific owner of the site, so experience has shown that storing huge pages in a database and even encoded ones is not the best option

How the advertising system works?

Initially, this system can be disabled or enabled on the admin panel.

If the system is enabled, then users can create their own ads and run them. An ad conversion is a click of user on the target link of the ad itself.


For each user conversion, the advertiser will be charged money that the administrator can define in the admin panel. It is important to note that ads will not be shown if the user's wallet does not have sufficient funds.

How the affiliate program function works?

This system also can be disabled or enabled on the admin panel.

If the system is enabled, then users can make money by attracting users to your site.

  1. A user shares a link to your site that includes a user ID. E.g. https://sm-colibri.ru?ref=mansur_admin
  2. A person follows the link and registers on your site.
  3. And as a result, the user who is his referral receives a bonus, which is equal to $0.10 by default
  4. And finally, the user can request his money, which he earned through this affiliate program, if his earnings are not less than $ 50

It is very important to note that the affiliate program will only work if the user registration confirmation system is enabled

HTTPS / SSL Security

How can I install a SSL?

After you bought and configured your web server to use ssl certificat, go to ./core/settings.php file, find $site_url, replace your site url to https version.

How can I redirect (force) my website to use a SSL version?

Open .htaccess file, under "RewriteEngine On", copy and paste the code below:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} !https
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Script update

Ho to update my ColibriSM website?

If you have missed one or two or v1.x.x updates, and you want to update your site to latest version, you have to update your site version by version manually. E.g.

Before you apply the latest updates to your site, you must install previous updates, more precisely, all versions of the update, from your current version to the latest version. For example, your current version is: [v1.0], and the latest version of the script is: [v1.0.4], in such cases, you must install these previous versions (v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3), before installing the latest version [v1.0.4]

If you did everything as described above, then before starting the update, download the latest version of the script from here CodeCanyon - Downloads

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the script, you can find the update files in "Script updates" folder, as shown below:


Select the version of the update and unzip it wherever convenient for you. For example to the desktop

Upload and overwrite to your server all files (Select everything, files & folder) which are in the update folder that you selected and unzipped as indicated above

Once the files are uploaded and overwritten, open and run http://www.your-colibri-script.com/update.php (if update.php file exists)

If you do everything carefully, as described above, then your script will be successfully updated without any problems. However, if you have any problems with updates, then contact us for technical support: highexpresstore@gmail.com

Customers support

I have a problem for which here is no answer, what to do?

If you need support, or if you're facing any problems, please E-mail us at highexpresstore@gmail.com Please note that our respond can take up to 2 business days.

You can find additional information on my account at CodeCanyon - Mansur_TL

Please do not forget to attach a purchasecode to your message, otherwise technical support will ignore your request

What does the support include?

You can contact our support center with the following questions.

  1. Technical questions about ColibriSM features
  2. Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  3. Help with included 3rd party assets. E.g. (Social Login, etc.)
Please note that all requests other than those listed below will be ignored.