#UpdateTheScript Seriously suggest that the admin should scan through all the requested features on Codecanyon and apply the most demanded features ASAP. The sales turn over of the script is low because people are not seeing the features they want. Make the script look more elegant and sleek like an actual Twitter clone. Users should be able to edit their posts. Make the script responsive on every device. Fix the hashtags errors, also apply links embeb just like Twitter. Implement a way for users to discover top engaging members and follow them, just like users can know trending publications.

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Fix video uploading errors. it takes ages to upload a simple video. I was unable to upload it after trying 5 times in a roll.😥😥


It is impossible to do everything at once!
However, we do our best to make this product better and better with every step.

But one thing confuses me, this is what you say about sales, allegedly due to the lack of some small functions, I do not agree with you. If a person wants this product, then he will buy it and will do whatever he needs. A script for all occasions, does not exist

In response Catching Kelvin to his Publication
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Small functions can mean alot. So clients might be interested in something else, but when they see the functions in your script, they might decide to buy it.

personally, i have functions i need for this script, I'm not a script creator, and i do not know how to code, therefore, the interest to buy the product is very low...

Most authors do not provide customisation services.

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Do you take customisation job?. secondly verify my profile here...